AirDailyX Group Flights & TeamSpeak Setup

Purpose: AirDailyX uses DigitalThemePark for VoIP operations & server hosting. Below are the guidelines for setup of TeamSpeak 3. Using a common environment reduces technical problems and support thus maximizing your quality time as a DigitalThemePark citizen.

Requirements: TeamSpeak 3 (latest update) and a headset (mic + earphones)

Time: Allocate 15 minutes

As the user base of the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D platform continues to grow, it's about time to start discovering ways to make it more of a community resource in the way FS9 and FSX has done for us over the years. The biggest thing lacking with P3D right now is lack of multiplayer support. P3D users have tried hosting sessions of their own in the past but it's not always easy and does come with potential security risks. 

On the other hand, some community servers out there can become riddled with trolls, spammers, and there is nothing like someone deliberately flying a 747 right in the middle of your C172 group flight. Additionally, the likes of VATSIM and IVAO can either be too intimidating for some, or simply not the right resources for casual buddy online flying. After much discussion about how a proper service could be provided to the community that's free of charge, free of trolls and includes a fun, comfortable, & friendly atmosphere, a perfect solution was found. 

Now many of you have heard of DigitalThemePark and some of you may not. Founded in 2002, DigitalThemePark is a multi-gaming community of virtual citizens. It provides organization and congregation of gamers through the use Voice-over IP (TeamSpeak 3), while promoting the interests of gaming, software, and hardware. DTP and Jetline Systems - builders of the world's most powerful flight simulation PC's - have joined forces to deliver the world's first P3Dv3 dedicated server to the FS community. So how does it work? How can you join? Just follow these easy steps and you will be up and flying with friends and other virtual pilots just like you in no time! 

Still flying FSX Boxed? No worries! FSX servers are available too! 

Terms of Usage:

DigitalThemePark is a safe place for all to have live conversations with other citizens. It can be a social site, groups of friends, or gaming using multiplayer.

Each citizen is subject to our rules of conduct while at DigitalThemePark, they are as follows:

All conversations and language should be appropriate to all age groups of users who may frequent here. That means that no subjects of an adult or sexually explicit nature are ever appropriate. The use of foul language and off color commentary should be avoided. Repeated warnings will result in the citizen being disconnected or banned.

We do not support or participate in any illegal or criminal activities. That means that if you are using pirated software, please go elsewhere. Do not use DigitalThemePark to support, exchange, or assist in any criminal or illegal activity of any nature.

Any moderating decisions made within these guidelines by DigitalThemePark management is final. If you do not agree to abide by all these rules, please do not enter or use our community.

Setup & How To Get Online:

DigitalThemePark uses a voice communication system called TeamSpeak 3.  Below are the various links:

Note: It is highly recommended to purchase a quality USB headset when performing VoIP with other players.  As an example, the Plantronics Audio 626 is a good low cost USB headset, shown in the image to the right. USB headsets contains their own “sound card”, thus you are able the separate the VoIP and in-game battle actions sounds.

In order to connect to the DigitalThemePark VoIP server we recommend setting up a TeamSpeak Bookmark.

This is accessed by clicking on Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks. Alternatively, you can press shortcut Ctrl+B.

Click on Add Bookmark to create a new entry to add the
pertinent DigitalThemePark TeamSpeak server

Notice the created “New Server” entry.
Enter the following information:
• Label: DigitalThemePark
• Address:
• Nickname: <Your preferred nickname>

Click More to enter additional information.                                  • Phonetic Nickname: < See below >

The Phonetic Nickname is used as text-to-speech when
connecting and changing channel. It is not heard by the
user but other Citizens in TeamSpeak.

If you want to test out your phonetic nickname, back at the main menu, select Self, Set Phonetic

Nickname and you will be able to play, hear, and tweak your nickname.


If this is the only TeamSpeak server you connect to, we recommend   clicking Connect on Startup. When you launch TeamSpeak, DigitalThemePark will be auto-connected.

Now when you click on Bookmarks you should see “DigitalThemePark”. 

Click to connect to the DigitalThemePark TeamSpeak Server.

Congratulations! Setup of TeamSpeak is now complete.

How to Connect to a Multiplayer Session:

  • Start FSX(2006 Edition w/Accel or SP2) or Prepar3Dv3, & click on "Multiplayer"
  • Click on "Local network (LAN)"
  • Enter player name (Helpful to use your TeamSpeak name)
  • Click "Sign In"
  • Click "Connect Directly"
  • A staff member should be available to assist you. If not, click on any admin member online labeled [STAFF] and send a PM for assistance. 
  • Enter one of the server IP addresses (provided to citizens from DTP admins via Teamspeak)
  • FSX, Server 1 (UTC, fair weather)
  • FSX, Server 2 (UTC -8 hr, fair weather)
  • P3Dv3, Server 3 (UTC -8 hr, fair weather)
  • Click on "Find Sessions"
  • Connected!
  • Select your Aircraft, ATC Name, Starting Location, click "OK"
  • Click "Join Session"
  • Have fun! 

Hints for a Reliable and Stable Connection:

Multiplayer can be finicky to stay connected. There are two main areas to address. Failure to address can lead to an unstable multiplayer experience for you or your fellow aviator.

  • Lock frame rates to 30 FPS or less: Frame rates higher than 30 FPS produces an oscillation effect that is apparent at close visual distances. Higher frames also strain your system and can lead to a lost multiplayer packet, resulting in a disconnect.
  • Stay away from flooding aircraft: Some aircraft produce extra events that can affect the performance. These events affect your connection, and may affect other clients, leading to a disconnect. Some aircraft flood 40 to 1 (single aircraft connection equivalent to 40 aircraft). Review the Flooding Report before connecting to a server.


Server Requirements: So as to not take away from our aviators, we require that you're on OUR Teamspeak during your flight, don't spawn on runways, and respect other aviators.

Group Flights Event Calendar: