MilViz MD530


P3Dv2.5 It's the helicopter straight out of my childhood. Much like Airwoulf, the 88' Porsche 911, the Boeing 727, Lamborgini Contash, and classic Marantz stereo's, there are some things to this very day, I still consider super cool and would purchase this very second if I had the money. Some people outgrow things or outgrow their fondness for certain childhood things as they grow and get older. But not me. I still laugh my ass off to old Bugs Bunny cartoons that never get old, or take a minute to stop whatever I am doing and admire every time I see a DC-10 fly over my head. Yes, things do get old. But not my love and fondness for them. I enjoy Terminator 2, Back to the Future, and Ghost Busters every time I watch them just like my first time back in the 80's at the drive-in theaters. And to think, my dad snuch us in via the trunk! Ahh he was so cheap. 

The MD500 Series makes this list of childhood things I admired and loved. My favorite helicopters in the whole world. My dad worked for Hughes Aircraft for 15 years and during that time, I was exposed to some incredible shit. Stuff other kids could only dream about. By dad knew I loved the MD500's so, one day I came home and found 2 framed military variants the HughesAH-6 Littlebird and and MD500 Defender posters hanging above my bed. One of them had a rocket in mid fire on it's way to a test target. And I slept below these pictures for many years with very happy dreams. Some day, I would own one. I just could never fathom how. Well today, finally after 30 years of waiting, I got one... well... sort of...

Sounds like one hell of a buy huh? Well it should. After all, these are not my words but rather from a circa 1985 brochure I was able to get my hands on. And believe me, in those days, there were not many whirlybirds on the planet that could contend with the MD500 series. No doubt, there is no question why MilViz decided to develop what I consider an icon in American helicopter aviation. But that said, I do question: why the 530F? Don't get me wrong, I am super happy to have it! But the MD500 series was indeed plentiful and if personally given the choice, I have no clue which I would pick. I love them all. But for the hell of it, let's look at the family shall we? This is going to be fun!

Family Variants

The MD 500 series helicopters offer a wide range of operating capabilities coupled with speed, agility, power, safety, and low direct operating cost. Whatever your mission there's a helicopter in the Indy 500 series that will help you accomplish it.

Now as mentioned, the MD500 series has several variants as  listed below. Out of these, I  have 3 favorites for which details are provided. 

  • 369: Military prototype designated YOH-6A.
  • 369A: Military production designated OH-6.
  • MD 500C (369H): Improved five-seat commercial variant powered by an Allison 250-C18B rated at 317 shp (236 kW); certified in 1966.
  • Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS: Built under license by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan alongside with OH-6J.
  • MD 500M Defender (369HM): Military export version as the MD 500 Defender; certified in 1968.
  • MD 500C (369HS): Improved four-seat commercial variant by an Allison 250-C20 rated at 400 shp (298 kW); certified in 1969.
  • MD 500C (369HE): A 369HS with higher standard interior fittings, Certified in 1969.
  • MD 500D (369D): New commercial version from 1976 powered by an Alison 250-C20B rated at 420 shp (313 kW); certified in 1976.
  • MD 500E (369E): Executive version of the 500D with recontoured nose; certified in 1982.
  • NH-500E: Italian-built version of the 500E. License-produced by Breda Nardi before merging with Agusta.[1]
  • MD 530F (369F): Hot and high version of the 500E powered by an Allison 250-C30B rated at 650 shp (485 kW), certified in 1985.
  • MD 520N: NOTAR version of the 500E, certified in 1991.
  • Unmanned Little Bird Demonstrator and AH-6: A civilian 530F modified by Boeing Rotorcraft Systems to develop UAV technologies for both civilian and military applications.


Performance. Payload. Productivity.

For more than 20 years the Indy 500 each has earned its reputation as a hands – down favorite, delivering the highest speed, payload, and productivity in its class. And it does it for a direct operating cost that beats the competition. Like others in The M.D. 500 EE features ample cabin space 45, with unsurpassed disability. The large, flat floor provides plenty of room for cargo, and that useful Interno load of 1519 pounds is ideally suited for most utility operations. The Indy 500 each cruises Easley at 135 kn or 200 mph over a range of 290 nautical miles or 537 km. For applications were noise is a concern the Indy 500 each can be equipped with a four blade it till rotor for choir performance. 





The High–Altitude, Hot-Day Performer.

With more power and longer Maine – rotor blades, DMD 530F is a high – altitude, hot – day performer of the industry. It widens the operational envelope, enabling greater mission versatility and performance. This dependable work horse has a greater take off power at significantly higher of her ceiling levels then competitive helicopters, capable of in ground affect however 16,000 feet I S a. The MD 530F retains the family characteristics speed, agility, and the ability to operate with ease in confined spaces. And it maintains low direct operating costs.







Quiet And Safe. Fast And Potent.

The newest member of the Indy 500 family is the MD 520 in, which is also a member of an exclusive class of the safest, quietest helicopters in the world. These characteristics, plus the other family traits, make it a favorite for law-enforcement agencies worldwide. The key to its popularity is the MD helicopters exclusive NOTAR System for anti-– torque and directional control.

Replacing conventional tell rotors with the NOTAR System provides an immediate margin of safety for crew and aircraft. Since the revolutionary system was introduced in OTA are equipped helicopters have accumulated nearly 700,000 safe reliable hours in flight, more than validating it's reliability. With that in OT AR system, pilot workload is lower while handling and maneuverability remain at The highest levels of the Indy 500 series. BMD 520 in also can accommodate a higher useful load then it sister aircraft, the MD 500E                 

Performance Specs

Now to answer the question as to which of the entire family is my absolute favorite, the answer as follows: 

Nuff said...

The MilViz MD530F Simulated Variant