Enigma 737. Stop holding your breath folks...

FSX/P3D. In what is expected to be a notch above iFly and perhaps either on par with or just a notch below PMDG on a quality and systems scale, the EnigmaSim 737 is currently the most anticipated 737 in the community. I was aware of at least 1 major issue plaguing this team on a legal front of which details I will not disclose. Sadly though, the team has stated  that work on the 737 after years of efforts, has rolled to a stop. I was personally holding my breath and I am in their corner. Sorry to start off the day with such bad news. Here is the full statement. Thanks to Lars Nielsen for the tipoff.

"Hi all,

Very quick update as I'm just off out in a bit, but really felt its been all too quiet around here.

The current status of the project is "slowly grinding to a halt". This is unfortunately due to our key members being extremely busy in the real world. While we haven't given up on the project, and continue to add small bits here and there when we have the time, its really not going anywhere fast at the moment.

However, I've been looking at our options in order to get this 737 back on the move, and eventually released. My best advise to the patient folk who've been following this project for a very long time, is simply to assume that development has stopped for now. 

I don't expect much activity from our side for quite a few months, for which I apologise in advance. However the next time you see a post like this should be some very good news if everything goes to plan..."


Jordi | Enigma Simulations