TFDi 717 Beta Update Released

For those of you who own the TFDi 717 and participate in the community beta the new update adds over a dozen features

  • [ADDED] “PACK OVRD” alert
  • [ADDED] SimConnect event for triggering custom 717 events
  • [ADDED] SimConnect event to notify external clients of PA, ATTND, and MECH button usage
  • [ADDED] Event to control PA IN USE and VIDEO IN USE lights
  • [ADDED] Call reset, attendant to cockpit call, and ground to cockpit call capability
  • [ADDED] Crosstrack deviation indicator to the ND
  • [ADDED] ADIRU horn
  • [ADDED] MAINT INTPH button logic
  • [ADDED] VOR TO/FROM indication on the ND
  • [ADDED] VOR Radial indicator lines on the ND
  • [ADDED] Strobe on ground functionality (setting via the Addon Manager)

Link to the community beta sign-up in the source. For those that participate in the Beta, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.