Locher Airfield Freeware Released!


FSX/P3D. D'Andre HERE!! Back from Australia and extremely busy! But I just had to share this find with you all just in case you may have been unaware! This story is kinda funny actually. I had been begging Orbx Jarrad Marshall to develop this airport for ages now and whereas I do believe I convinced him, it would have to come after all the projects he currently has in the pipeline. If I remember correctly, I actually introduced him to this airfield and he fell in love with it (and it was he who brought this freeware scenery to my attention) and when you watch the two YouTube videos I posted below, you will fall in love with it too. I highly recommend watching every video of this airfield you find online because it really is truly amazing and not for the faint of heart. One video shows the VFR landmark visual instructions on how to approach the field via a GoPro cam mounted on the wing. These approach landmarks are also in the scenery! As for this freeware just released, I am actually quite impressed!! Very well done Mr. Vassilios Dimoulas!! Added shots from my P3Dv3. Yes I am still not onto v4 yet, that proves just how busy my life is these days. Okay I have to return to real life now. I love and miss you all! Grab via the source link. Enjoy! Bye!