Mega Airport - London Heathrow (Prepar3D v4)

Announced this morning and available via Aerosoft's site. Mega Airport London Heathrow Professional is now available for Prepar3D v4 users. The following features for Prepar3D v4 have been added:

  • Code (BGLs) recompiled and optimized using new material options with P3D V4 SDK
  • All objects optimized for new shadowing techniques
  • Dynamic Lighting ( can be disabled partially)
  • Ground layout including detailed aerial imagery created according to P3D V4 SDK
  • New optimized 3D Runwaylights (will be switched on and off depending on daytime and weather conditions)
  • AFCAD approaches changed to Airac 1708
  • Adjusted AFCAD parking positions 
  • New detailed and animated Jetway models (CTRL-J)
  • Partially higher resolution textures
  • Partial closedown of Terminal 1 (currently under construction)
  • Extended configurations menu

As someone who has the previous version, I'll be curious to hear in comments what everyone thinks of this new version. The last Aerosoft news item had a great discussion!

london-professional (13).jpg
london-professional (8).jpg