FSLabs P3Dv4 updates (and an A319 shot)


From the FSLabs team -

We are in the final stages of testing the A320-X in Prepar3D v4, which as I mentioned previously - features a new high definition sound package, new modelling and texture work, new FSL Spotlights which utilise and extend the new dynamic lighting found in P3D v4.

Users can now load, save and set a default panel state through the MCDU. The FMGS now includes SEC FPLN, FIX INFO (both S4 and S7 standards) and extensive work to support upcoming features such as wind predictions, offsets, equal time points, energy circles, step climb/descent and required time to arrival logic.

There is a LOT of work that has gone into this aircraft since our last update - and we'll be providing a full list of details of these new and updated features upon release.