Flight Sim World - Update 12 available

Posted moments ago on AVSIM, numerous updates available with the highlight being Force Feedback. A rundown of the update:

Force Feedback
One of the larger ones is re-enabling force feedback. Which we initially disabled due to some users reporting issues where peripherals were causing crashes. This was due to legacy drivers conflicting with OS updates, and is unfortunately outside of our control. 

Force feedback will be disabled upon start-up (to avoid incompatible joysticks from ending up in a start-up crash loop). So it will need to be re-enabled when you start FSW. 

If you're using force feedback and experience a crash to desktop, then please send a DxDiag and the name of your Joystick to our support team at dovetailgames.kayako.com.


  • Aligns windshield raindrop behavior with external weather


PA-28 Cherokee

  • Improved exterior glass appearance,
  • SSAO and transparency issues in external views are now resolved

PA-34 Seneca

  • Balanced volume of AP disconnect audio


  • Additional pilot uniforms now available for male and female models


  • Add flow to highlight when selected aircraft add-ons haven’t been installed


  • You can now toggle and test force feedback compatibility

Peripheral Support

  • Logitech/Saitek Panels now compatible with Flight Sim World (requires a plug-in from Logitech, just waiting for this to go live)
  • Force feedback support re-enabled


  • CTDs seen in title shutdown now fixed

User Interface

  • New mission interface planned for update 11 has now been successfully integrated.