Trust me, I understand. And I don't blame you

I understand your frustration. I am aware that we have missed a lot of headlines as of late. I also understand that you can get better news on other sites. These are not opinions, they are facts. And if I could go back in time and take over AirDailyX again, I would do exactly the same thing that we did.

It is important for our followers to understand that we had two choices when we took over ADX; either pick up where D left off and scramble to release every FS news first, or re-design the entire site and set up an entire new long-term strategy. In other words, we either build a house out of straw or build it out of brick. We chose the latter.

I don't want to "brag" about all of the work that has been done in the background to design a new site from scratch, a mobile app, create a platform for developers to collaborate with each other, and fund/organize a brand new concept of the annual FlightSim Conference in US - our soil. That is where our efforts have been focused during the last several weeks. As a result, the daily news has taken a back seat. And I don't blame any follower that decided to check the site weekly instead of daily. 

We need to streamline the process of news dissemination, to make it easier and more efficient. If you think D'Andre was amazing about keeping up with the news all alone, you have no idea how much work it was for him. When I learned about the process involved to create a news release, I decided it would be best to make it "idiot-proof" while we code the new site. So Kudos to D'Andre for sustaining this amazing site for almost a decade. But we are not going to adopt this process.

Having said all these things, I now want to make it very clear that short-term site traffic statistics and negative comments from our followers are not going to change my direction for the future. You need to understand that with big plans, come big projects and longer development times. And I want all of you to realize that we are not asleep at the wheel.... we are simply not driving at the moment. And I guarantee you that if you decide to leave ADX, you will be back soon. In the meantime, FS Elite is a great source of daily news and we have been in touch with them to create a friendly relationship going forward. 

During the immediate future, we will continue to provide news and keep the community informed of our progress. But I felt that you guys deserve to get some updates from the new management team. If we initially made it seem that it would be business as usual from day one, then I would like to personally apologize for not being more clear from the beginning.