Introduction To The New ADX Team:

Hello my good friends,

It is time to start introducing the new team behind the ambitious future of ADX.

My name is Nico Lumermann, a NYC financier and, most importantly, a wannabee pilot. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina before I moved to USA at the age of 14. My entire early life revolved around my plan of becoming a pilot amid very limited means in Latin America. 

At the age of 17, I discovered the much-hated world of finance. I spent my undergraduate college years attending classes from 11:00PM-1:00AM on Fridays and ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday so I could work full time at a major US bank. Needless to say, I learned a lot more about the complex world of finance while working than I ever learned in school as an econometric and applied mathematics major. Time flies, and at 37 years young, I can say I have been in the finance industry for 20 long years.

Despite my career path, my love for aviation never died. In fact, I have been simming since the age of 14. I am very lucky to have surrounded myself with a lot of talent and squeeze every ounce of knowledge from the many mentors I've had over the years. This allowed me to make all my aviation dreams a reality.

As mentioned by our mutual friend D'Andre, I have a Level D 737-800 full motion simulator in a bedroom of a Manhattan Penthouse. I use it every day. And I even have a live stream on Youtube that has been featured on this site several times. D'Andre himself flew it into Paro Bhutan while I watched from the right seat (holding the emergency cut-off switch to the motion platform very tight).

I always had a vision of one day making this hobby better. After all, making this hobby better has the great side effect of making my simming experience better. I have been reading ADX for a long time, I couldn't start a flight without first seeing what new sceneries were released that day.

I had the pleasure to spend time with D'Andre and his wonderful wife in my home in NYC right after FSCon 2017. In short, I was blown away by the fact that all these years ADX was a one-man show. I could really relate to the sacrifice our mutual friend went through to make the community better off. I was also astonished at how much D'Andre's vision for the future of FS had in common with my own. He had so many of "my" ideas but not enough time to execute them. So when I got a call from D'Andre about the great news about his career and the opportunity to pick up ADX where he left off and turn our visions into reality; needless to say, I dove right into it.

I own several assets in the FS community, and I am lucky to have an amazing team behind our company. We have short-term plans to expand this hobby to unimaginable heights. But I won't name each of those plans individually because my partner and CEO of our company will give me a lot of shit for setting the bar too high.

I just wanted to introduce myself and let the ADX followers know that I am one of you. I just happen to have a strong vision to improve our hobby and the means to execute it.

I look forward to enjoying the future together!


My Youtube Channel:

PS: We have a very in-depth review of the new CRJ being edited and ready to publish very soon. We are also planning on complimenting it with an informative and interactive live stream in the next few days. More details to follow.