FS Labs A320X P3D v4 Video Preview

FlightSimLabs Andrew Wilson: 

I promised a short video showing off some of the sound (and dynamic lighting work) we've done for P3D v4. In this video you will hear some of the new HD sounds we have added using our new custom built sound engine, which allow us to fine tune our new HD sounds and manipulate them by a whole range of camera and atmospheric properties.

Our new power plant sound-sets, crafted using HD recordings from both an A320-212 with CFM 56 5B4's and the A320-232 with IAE 2527 A5's utilize our new infrastructure to it's full potential - and provide a truly unique sound environment that surpasses the limitations of the default sound engine of Prepar3D. The aircraft cabin has it's own unique sound-set, and depending on where you choose to sit in the cabin, you'll hear a variety of different sounds - buzz saw from the engines, the electric hydraulic pumps, lavatories flushing, even the slight knocking from the application of wheel brake.

In addition to this, we have also added a complete set of cabin PA's that play throughout your flight and are fully integrated with the aircraft. These can also be routed through the Audio Control Panel on the flight deck to either the speaker system, or a chosen headset device. We've also added the ability for pilots to record their own announcements and have them play back in the cabin. 

And lastly, notice how our dynamic lights fade in and out. In our next set of previews, we'll be showing more of the updated VC in P3D v4 in 4K, with our new Spotlights redesigned for P3D V4.