Introducing the new AirDailyX Discord

Over the past few weeks, ADX has been going through a transition which we believe will modernize the flight simulation community. Within this time, our team has been getting acclimated with the day to day operations, and has a direction on where and what ADX is and will be. As the Editor-in-Chief, it was clear cut that a constant dialogue and exchange of information always be the forefront of such a prominent website. So myself and Operations Director, Matt Bromback, sat down and formulated several ideas, but one stood out most; Discord. Discord gives us the chance to engage with you in another capacity. Not only is the program compatible in a PC/MAC & mobile (Android/iOS) platform, but it offers simplicity while the ease of access and user friendliness meets our mission. 

ADX Mission: To enhance the flight simulation community, by providing a quality streamline of informative and engaging news.

Discord will serve as a supplement to what our daily website operation consists of, which is delivering daily news. Within our server we have created several text and a voice channels; A few being, #dailynews, #reviews, #adxlive (streaming information and ideas from you), and a developer lobby. Communication among one another is important because it gives us an idea of what you also want to see from us. ADX functions because of our dedicated audience, and on behalf of the AirDailyX team, thank you. Feel free to introduce yourself and chat it up! 

Discord Link