Major ADX Announcement Coming Soon.

I know things have been extremely quite lately and many of you are worried. Major things regarding the future of ADX are currently taking place. For developers, you will get a direct email from me with all the details soon. For the community in general, many are wondering what's happening and why things are so quiet. Is ADX going away? In short? NO. There are a lot of details to explain and a lot of logistics being facilitated in the background before I can state anything further. In the mean time, I simply want to give you some piece of mind that ADX is very much still here and once the official announcement is made, I think all of you will be quite pleased with the coming "changes" I am extremely excited myself and all I can say for now is what's coming, will be HUGE. Thanks for your patience and continued support and hang in there.


Update: Our Announcement Will Be Published Today Saturday August 5th.