ATTN FlightSimulation Development Community:


[EVENTS] DEVELOPERS: Please block this upcoming Sunday August 27th for the next Flight Simulation Developers Conference which will be held privately online. Our developers conference at FlightSimCon 2017 was a major success and the upcoming conference will cover the minutes and action plans of the previous meeting for those who missed out. Most developers will be getting an official invitation via email this coming Sunday the 20th. If you are an established member of the third party development community, please shoot us an email via the contact page here on ADX as we want to ensure no one is left out with regards the upcoming transition with ADX and future plans of how ADX is working to support all of you.

I look forward to a productive meeting and please spread the word! 

-D'Andre Newman 

Quick Update: We are still facilitating the logistics of the confrence. The emails have not gone out yet. For now, calendars should be set for Sunday the 20th @ 1800z. The meeting will be an online conference the details of which will be provided in the emails. I intend to have the information disseminated no later than this coming Wednesday. Thanks for your patience.