MilViz Reverses Charge On P3Dv4 Upgrades:

P3D. Perhaps the best news in relation to the advent of P3Dv4 is the notion that nearly  all developers would be releasing compatibility updates to to the new platform free of charge. MilViz has instituted an upgrade charge of $5 per addon and has decided to reverse the decision announcing that those who paid for the upgrade will receive refunds. Here's the statement from MilViz:  

"Dear Clients, Regarding the upgrade to v4.
In hindsight it is clear that charging our valued third party vendor customers $5 to upgrade was a mistake; a mistake we would like to rectify as soon as possible. We are therefore arranging to refund your $5 and offer all existing owners the upgrade gratis from now on.
We unreservedly apologise for the inconvenience.

Best wishes - Milviz"

As for the Beaver livestream, that is planned soon as the addon pack arrives which is planned for this weekend.