FSimStudios Jean Lesage Québec City Released. So...

FSX/P3D. Here's the thing, indeed FSimStudios is improving on their development techniques and I applaud them for putting focus on Canada as options are so few and SimAddons is out of their damn minds as it pertains to their pricing and business model not to mention their website is confusing as hell. Because of this I have never so much as once purchased any of their works. When you couple that with how little quality wise their works have progressed vs the length of time they have been around, it is a bit disappointing as they statistically should be among the best by now. 

To that end, I think FSimStudios is in a prime position to truly deliver much needed Canadian airports. But in order to be truly successful at that, there are a number of key areas they need to improve upon.

  • First is the ground poly which is arguably the most important aspect of any scenery. It's where the developer starts and it sets the stage of the rest of the product's development. The better that is, the better the rest of the scenery will be to match it.
  • Second, don't rush! These sceneries do have a feeling of being rushed and whereas I respect the quality is getting better, it's also time to slow down a bit and work on refining the craft. This doesn't mean feature creep, it means putting more focus on texturing and implementation of texture baking methods. 
  • Jetbridge models. It doesn't matter how good your terminal looks, if the jetbridges look like low-res crap, it reflects back on the entire building. Picture FlightBeam MSP for example, can you picture these jetbridge models on that airport? You may not think it, but it's one of the most things people focus on. Just look at the comments regarding Turbulent Designs MBS. Soo many comments about how good the jetbridges are which was more comments than the airport itself. 
  • Focus on your landside. This is what separates freeeware from payware and if you expect someone to pay full price for your product, give your customer a full product. Cutting off the detail on the landside of the airport comes off as lazy and half-ass.

For the most part I really like the improvements and if this developer can start putting more focus in these key areas, I have no doubt FSimStudios will reach a very high level of success where people will buy these works not because they are desperate for Canadian airports but because they are damn good. We need more love in Canada, so let's give these airports the attention they truly deserve as we can't expect the big devs to to them all. Let's support the little guys and cheer them to success.  The ADX $00.02