Godzone Surpasses Goal!

FSX/P3D. And it was accomplished in less than half the time needed with community members still donating! It's times like this that we are all reminded about just how wonderful this community is. Now we all look forward to the magic that Godzone will deliver now that the goal has been reached. This also begs another question, could Kickstarter be the new medium for developers? We run polls all the time and folks are known to troll polls. But putting your money where your mouth is, is where we separate the men from the babies. Crowd funding dream addons could be a new path for flight simulation product development and in this case, it was more than successful! 

And a note from our friend Robin Corn: 

 "First, thanks for the support here, direct links to Kickstarter from AirdailyX accounted for 10% of the funding so far. and I'm sure that others went via my site link just to check out who I was...One thing to consider is the difference between the normal flightsim market, and the role of Kickstarter as a way to fund niche products.

Most developers aim for the widest market, within the confines of flightsim. With Godzone, the market is a little different, a tiny niche in the scheme of things, which has been abandoned by previous developers, including Orbx, as there's no money in it.

So for this type of project, fundraising this way can work, especially since I could call on a number of supporters who already knew what I could do, but they also know that developers are not lining up to produce local content.I still think that developing flightsim scenery should be driven by retail market methods, but this would mean that nobody would do New Zealand scenery:)

So if you don't fly in NZ, and haven't spent a few years waiting on scenery releases which never come, then you needn't worry if you don't see the value.On the other hand, if you do have a good following, and want to fund a small project, then I'd suggest you consider it -- I can offer some hints on what I've learnt during this campaign."