Attention Aircraft Devs: MSK Needs Your Help!

FSX/P3D. Once again, well known scenerey developer MSK has gotten himself into a corner with an aircraft development he lacks the ability to complete on this own. Last time it was the Alouette helicopter and just like now, I took to ADX to reach out to the community on his behalf. Now in that case, I believe it was MilViz who took over the project if memory serves me correctly but I have not seen any updates on the project in some time. In the mean time it's the P-3C Orion and once again MSK is stalled and needs assistance. I think he knows at some point when he starts these projects he will get stalled but he doesn't let that stop himself from seeing what he can accomplish. Personally, I think one of these aircraft developers needs to swap this guy and add him to a team. He had a lot of talent and I would hate to see it go to waste. If you think you can assist him, please reach out. More about this project via the source link.