Status Update From 29Palms!

FSX/P3D. Fellow simmers! You're probably wondering what's going on with certain projects. We can tell since we have received a few dozen e-mails so far, asking about compatibility of Skiathos with Prepar3D :) So here's the latest:
---LGSK Skiathos---
We're currently working on new Autogen for the island in preparation of the release for Prepar3D v4. This first release will be a simple port free of charge including the following features:
• Native P3D4 export
• New Autogen
• Implementation of animated people
• Several minor fixes
What is NOT included:
• The new apron
• The new runway extension
Why? The changes at the real airport are so major that we will revise Skiathos from the ground-up using the latest tech and release that as "Skiathos v2" later this year / next year. But we don't want to let you wait any longer for a native P3D4 version, thus the upcoming pre-release.
---LGSM Samos & KTNP Twentynine Palms---
We have just released new updates for both airports. The previous update fixed the light effects which worked differently in the initial release of P3D4. In the meantime Lockheed Martin corrected the issue with their latest hotfix. Now we needed to revert the last update and in the process, finetuned the light effects. 
LGSM now has additional Dynamic Lighting effects for the apron spotlights.
And another feature has been implemented for both airports:
---Troubleshooting Tool---
Most of the issues customers have are caused by conflicting Add-Ons, which have their own airport layout and elevation data for LGSM & KTNP.
Those files need to be deactivated so our sceneries display properly. Instead of deactivating those files by hand, we now have a tool in the Scenery Configurator which scans the whole directory of your flight simulator and detects possibly conflicting files. You can then deactivate those files with one click.
---EDDN Nuremberg---
The project isn't dead, it's just huge for our standards. Please stay patient for now, thank you :)