Binersim Halim Perdanakusuma Re-Released:

FSX/P3D. There used to be 2 Indonesian developers focused in Indonesian airports. One disappeared a few years ago sad because there was so much talent there but they faced heated competition with, #Two: BDO Aviation, who is not really focused on Indonesia much anymore. Time for a new developer to step in. Introducing Binersim who has just brought their first scenery to market: Halim Perdanakusuma. Cost is about $16 bucks which seems a bit steep quaitywise (but the webshop takes what? 40%) for those looking for something new in this country to enjoy, have a look. 

I should add this scenery is an unaltered re release of a 2015 version. Not I assume it was pulled and relisted. The developer is likely defunct. All that said, I never heard of the scenery or dev previously and likely many of you so i'll leave this here.