Honeycomb: A New Player Entering The Arena!

[Hardware] Announced at CES, Honeycomb Aeronautical is a new player about to enter the affordable flight simulation controls range and based on all the information I just read from the newly launched website, these guys are serious! I have been in contact with the group and with Logitech bringing all the previous Saitek products back to market, we could very well start seeing some serious competition for affordable hardware. Honeycomb is not only delivering a yoke however. The team is developing a throttle quadrant and other hardware addons to come later. Logitech has not reinvented the wheel in regards to their offerings, but Honeycomb could very well be a breath of fresh air. And if they are, they could leave everyone saying "Me Want Honeycomb!" More information via the source link. Thanks to ZK for the tipoff!