WingCreation Announce Haneda, FT Removes Dot...

FSX/P3D. Attention, potential innfurating post incoming. FlyTampa didn't announce Haneda which appears to have led Japanese development team WingCreation to actually announce Haneda only 4 hours after my post denoting FlyTampa not doing that. Coincidence? I think not. This feels a bit as if WingCreation is threatened to see one of the top 2 most prolific developers in flight simulation entering their homeland market and thus they had to make a stand... as they did before. No shots of any development, simply an announcement after another developer showing real world pictures. I do recall, after that whole Innsbruck debacle that devs should stop doing that simply to plant a flag to keep others out. 

Is WC really ready to take on this airport which is undoubtedly one of the most complex to develop in all of FS? My gut tells me absolutely not. Why? Well it's not is if they can not create a ground poly, put models on top of that poly, and texture those models. Sure they can. But what FlyTampa Creates are highly optimized works of art and, Haneda ain't no spring chicken when it comes to performance being situated to close to Tokyo. On top of this, Haneda is an airport where the details, ALL the details need to be crafted accurately. Something WC is not all that good at based on my observations. Sure their airports tackle the gist, but here, that wont't be enough. 

I also do not see WC modeling any parts of the city itself, something that is a hallmark of FlyTampa, with so many landmarks, (something that is a hallmark regarding the arrival and departures of this airport) half the airport immersion is not even on the airport itself. Then there are all the quirks of Haneda, those that know this airport well know exactly what I mean. I just don't see WC nailing this 100%. They have been steadily getting better but this is the Magnum Opus of Japan, and as such it requires the touch of a specific hand, hands that I do not see have the refinement, of which this scenery demands. If at best, it mirrors their Narita work, then it's already it's a disappointment.  

I once asked Graham of PacSim regarding his version of Nagasaki, how it's sales were, and how WC did exactly the same thing by announcing the same airport just after he did. His position was that Japanese in general tend to gravitate towards something they know is Japanese made even if an external competitor does it better. Graham had decided not to return to Japan at the time, but he has since reversed his decision. My position here is, no one should feel threatened moving into this territory and in this case, I believe FlyTampa moving into this area would send a strong message. There are two other major western developers moving into Japan and whether WC likes it or not, their market cap is shrinking. That's simply a reality and announcing an airport every time someone else does is not going to fly. Developers are on the horizon, and when they build it, the people will come. I have reached out to the specific developer on the FT team that was heading up this project, i'll let you know officially the deal shortly. 

On the other hand, I am aware of the other airports currently in consideration so your disappointment may be short lived if a new dot appears in another location. Stay tuned...

Update: WingCreation is not the reason FlyTampa removed the dot. Turns out another high end developer (I am not at liberty to say whom but think about the top 5) has been working on it. So nothing has changed. A high end Haneda is still coming, it just wont be from FlyTampa which is still a bummer but also good news. More information when I am aloud to share. As for FlyTampa, the choices are being narrowed down to another dot as we speak.