The Adventures Of ADX Avatar Guy! Updated:

FSX/P3D. "Howdie groovers! ADX Avatar Guy here and i'm back surveying another airport! From Trondheim, to Saginaw, to Minneapolis, I now find myself in Idaho looking at the latest works from the Turbulent Designs development team and I have to honestly say, minus the scale, the difference between Idaho Falls and the FlightBeam work I just left is damn near seamless! 

Now my job is to get up close and personal with product developments and the detail here is simply outstanding! from the modeling to texture depth, there is no doubt in my mind Turbulent Designs is indeed in a new depth of their own. If these guys start getting into mega airports, the others might have to start biting their fingernails! Idaho falls is the perfect quintessential destination for a region that has been void of third party development over the years and I have no doubt you will just love it. No P3Dv4 shots just yet as I am still waiting for D'Andre to get off his ass and get that EVO 1TB SSD so I can go play. In the mean time, I have taken a few shots and needless to say, impressive! Till next time kids!"

-Avatar Guy

Heads up, the scenery has officially started beta with new shots now available via the source link. We are waiting on the green light to livestream. Happy hunting beta testers!!