Chris Bell: New Shop, Stargazer & Blue Marble!

FSX/P3D. First off, the Blue Marble project has been released and if you have missed my previous posts on what Blue Marble is and what it does, see [HERE/] Now I also mentioned that if ADX readers registered to Chris Bell's forums prior to Christmas 2016, you would receive a free copy of Blue Marble! So if you did, here's what you need to do: Add the Blue Marble product to your cart during checkout use the following coupon code “Blue”. Now in order for the discount to work, you will need to make sure you use the same email address used to register on the Chris Bell forums in order for the coupon to be accepted. Once completed you will receive a free copy of Blue Marble including a two years free for product updates and support. Chris Bell is now publishing all his products direct so once you are there you can browse his entire Night Environment Collection! 

Next up is Stargazer, another Chris Bell project currently in beta testing. The project aims to add 250.000+ (vs 9000 default) Bright Stars and Constellations to your night sky. More information on that soon. See a video of that project [HERE/]

As for Black Marble, we should have an update on that soon!