, FlightSimCon 2017, And YOU!

The two posts below shows all the exciting information for those who are attending FlightSimCon 2017! But what about you?? Yes you! FlightSimCon fully understands there will be many of you out there who will not be able to reach this years event and as always, ADX has you covered. This year ADX has a team of people dedicated to ensure you get all the news coming out of the convention. So how do we plan to do all this?

First off is the livestreaming. Like last year, I will be streaming interviews and seminars live during the event. I have invested in upgraded equipment for better visuals and sound but do keep in mind, we are at the mercy of available bandwidth! So no, it won't be like E3 or CES but it will be good! Additionally, the website here on the daily news page will be constantly updated all day throughout both days to ensure you do not miss a single thing! 

Now I have prearranged a set of interviews and seminars compiling a full schedule so this year, you can plan your day at home to tune in! Naturally, I can not cover everything and there will be many others streaming live during the event as well. So to help ensure you get the most of FlightSimCon 2017, anyone livestreaming during the event that would like your feed here on the ADX Daily News page, get in touch so we can host your respective feeds.

Additionally, we will have our live webcam feed for those in attendance to waive to their friends and family at home. Just look for the large banner stand on the lower level.  

My goal as it has always been, is to show all of you not in attendance just how much it's worth to be a part of this yearly event. Below is the full ADX broadcast schedule!

NOTE: As this is a live event, times are approximate. This is a pinned post. 

Additional Note: ADX will have the Simduza MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals on full display at the con! More information on that soon!