Major Update From MK-Studios:

2) Napoli is being adjusted and tested along with Madeira, basically we need to redo the runway light's and fix some autogen issues we met. Then the scenery is ready to release. It will be compatible with FSXSP2, FSX ACC, FSX SE, P3D V3 and P3D V4.

3) Mega Airport Rome - the update is planned for this summer, all new features will be included.

4) Mega Airport Lisbon - this one is work in progress. We're collecting more materials and doing terminal work. The release is planned sometime between 2017/2018.

5) We've got another team working on Fuerteventura Island and airport in the meantime, since the progress is really well I though it's time to publish something.
Some features:
- Photoreal island scenery with custom autogen and 3D lightning,
- Realistic airport rendition with all advantages of P3D V4,
- FSX and P3D V3 compatibility,
- Custom island objects like lighthouses, monuments and more.

6) This product been in development for a while, it's a light version of vector scenery of whole World called MK Global Data.

Global Data X was produced using latest and newest data sources from 2017 around the globe. It changes user experience with surroundings and make visual navigation easier with true replica of the real world.
It was optimized to prevent OOMs and high computer load in connection with other quality addons.
Global Data X is fully compatible with all scenery available on the marked and doesn’t require any changes in the simulator beside adding the scenery folders to the simulator library.

Our custom data include:
- Rivers,
- Waterways,
- Correct city and village areas,
- Main and local roads,
- Railways,
- Forests,
- Coastlines,
- Shorelines,
- Glaciers,
- And more.
This addon will be fully compatible with FSX SP2, FSX ACC, FSX SE, P3D V2, P3D V3, P3D V4 and all visual experience addons like GLOBAL and mesh addons.

We suspect our pricing policy will go as follow:
1st region of Global Data - 18,95
2nd region of Global Data - 9,95
3rd region of Global Data - 4,95
another regions - free

It will include some configuration tool that will allow you to reduce CPU and VAS usage of the sim.

Some shots are included. :)