From EWR To LGA, More DD NYCv2 Rolls In:

FSX/P3D. You saw the shots of Newark and now Drzewiecki Design is back again with more shots of their version of LaGuardia and wheras it has a lot of detail, it's not exactly a full phat Drzewiecki Quality airport. But that said, it's not exactly lite either but somewhere in the middle. This version goes without some of the more fancy features we are accustomed to such as internal modeling as an example in an effort to be more friendly on performance. Additionally, this is not the same design as the ImagineSim version. Personally, I like the design from the ImagineSim version better but I believe this version reflects the latest updated version of the plans. Additionally, I think visually, the ImagineSim version just looks cooler being a full visual feature offering but if you are looking for the most up to date then this is the way to go. Release in less than 2 weeks!