FlightRep's DC-4: Digital Fires Don't Stand A Chance!

FSX/P3D. Two airplanes I am most looking forward to at the moment are the Aeroplane Heaven C-46 Commando and the DC-4 from Flight Replicas. Two wonderful aircraft born in the same wonderful era for aviation. On the DC-4 side of the fence, FlightReplicas posted few WIP screenshots from the RADS II equipped fire bomber version of the DC-4. According to the developer, "...the external model is about complete (just a few things left to do, such as the wingtip paint on the main wings), but the VC will take a little while to do, as it involves a fairly extensive makeover." The model will be compatible with fire fighting software known as "FireFighterX" (a separate addon click for info) that will allow users to choose between water and retardant drops to extinguish fires in real time. Damn this DC-4 package is simply going to be killer. More screens via the source link.