Aerosoft Roma-Ciampino X Released!

FSX/P3D. And Italy gets yet another airport to add to the ever growing list of destinations. This time it's Roma-Ciampino X published by Aerosoft. Features include: 

  •     3D gPoly (light effects and rain effect) (P3D only)
  •     Custom meshes
  •     Ciampino Town reproduced using autogen with optimized textures
  •     Industrial area around the airport
  •     3D cars in parking lot, custom trees and 3D grass
  •     3D custom apron vehicles and aircraft
  •     Animated windsock variation reflecting the wind (SODE)
  •     Night textures developed using ambient occlusion modelling
  •     Night lights effects using SODE
  •     Unaligned left PAPI lights on RWY 33 (as real ones) made using SODE
  •     3D approach lights using SODE
  •     Configuration program to set the 3D object density
  •     Seasonal variations
  •     NavDataPro Charts client with charts of this airport

Now available for $23 bucks! Next up? Naples!