FSX3D: Next Up? Gap-Tallard Aérodrome!

FSX/P3D. Only one day off from work this week and I spent the entire morning troubleshooting a number of issues that turned out to all be related to the Windows 10 update. As a result I had to put off 2 livestreams I had planned today which will be rescheduled. But like most of us, I simply cant sleep without a good flight and now that everything is back up to par, I decided to explore the Orbx Saanen freeware and did a couple of sorties to Innsbruck. But once back at Saanen, I was reminded how similar the airport is to FSX3D's Barcelonnette - Saint-Pons as it relates to high altitude airports that are fairly difficult to get to with terrain on all sides.

And in thinking of FSX3D, I wondered what else they might be cooking up for us and behold they are indeed developing another scenic destination in the same Alps region in France only 30 miles away. It's Gap-Tallard Aérodrome and thus far the work looks exciting. And if you missed it, be sure to check out the FSX3D livestream I did a few months back [HERE] more shots via the source link!