Turbulent Designs Idaho Falls: Now THAT'S Quality!

FSX/P3D. This team is seriously no joke when it comes to detail. Just look at every project that they have released to date especially when you go back and look at all the works they delivered under the Orbx brand. Now I have heard nothing but the best things from the FS community regarding the MBS release earlier this month (I simply love it) and in looking at the latest shots of KIDA, from the ground textures, to modeling, to a parking lot worth dying for, Turbulent has rocketed to the top. Now I am only sharing one screenshot here on ADX because I want you to head over to Turbulent, check out the site, and consider signing up to their forums while you are there. And who know, maybe you will be compelled to to pick up a copy of Angwin or Big Bear. More via the source link. Enjoy! Thanks to Racoon for the tipoff!