JustSim Dusseldorf Released!

FSX/P3D. I'll be honest, I was a little upset with JustSim last year not just because of the poinhts noted in my podcast (that's coming back btw) but also because I felt the quality level was starting to drop off. Rushing sceneries, bland textures... The very first release JustSim put out Strigino, really proved to me that this new developer (at the time) showed immense promise. But I think at some point along the way, Andrey lost sight of it. Looking at the just released Dusseldorf however, I can honestly say I am impressed. The attention to detail has returned. He is still working fast but it's a clear step up from the Barcelona. Being fast with releases can be a $$$ business model, but taking ones time and putting focus on the details goes a lot further with this community. 

From my German people, how did you all like Hamburg? I hear the feelings were mixed. As for Dusseldorf, I would really like to hear your feedback. I just might have to add this to the livestream list. JustSim Dusseldorf is now available for about $23 bucks. Not bad at all. And finally we got Dusseldorf back which is an airport that has been wayyyyyy overdue. Sorry GAP, you are loosing your market share you dominated for so long. Now HDR may be fun for flying and fancy screenshots but not so much for the product page as details get lost in those dark photos. I have selected a few shots and removed the HDR effect. There is a video on the product page as well. My next German airport request? Münster-Osnabrück!!