FranceVFR Makes Future Platform Decisions...

P3D. FranceVFR is the next developer to publicly state their direction regarding the multi platform generation we are in. As always they cater only to French audiences so I have translated the the most important bullet points as best I can. Now they state these decisions are not 100% final but this is the direction they are going in: 

  • They are backing P3Dv4 100% and have decided to cut the cord on 32bit platforms. This basically means goodbye FSX and and older versions of P3D moving forward. That said, they will continue products currently in development for FSX and P3Dv3 until the end of next year to allow the gradual transition for users to migrate to P3Dv4. They will also provide upgrade discounts. 
  • FlightSimWorld and AeroflyFS2 are out will not see any development from FranceVFR. However, they plan to dabble with X-Plane11. 
  • After next year, all future releases will be P3Dv4 native and they state no updates are needed for all current products to move into v4.

There is more information there but this solidifies that devs are moving rapidly towards P3Dv4, away from FSX, and not towards FSW. Interesting. I'm waiting for the next developer statement to drop. See the full statement from FranceVFR via the source link below.