Godzone: KickStarting It's Future With You!

FSX/P3D/AFS/FSW/XPL. If you have never heard of Godzone Virtual Flight, then now you have. Godzone is the land of New Zealand and it's architect Robin Corn has been dedicated to New Zealand for many years delivering some of the most immerse landscape experiences in the whole of flight simulation. Robin is now looking to the future of Godzone and he is giving the FS community the opportunity to join him in his next big step. We are now in the age of muli-platforms and Godzone wants to develop for them all which include FSX/P3Dv4/AeroflyFS2/FlightSimWorld/XPlane11.

Robin is looking to raise $7,237 by July 20th 2017 to fulfill all our dreams in seeing New Zealand become so much more in virtual form. Interested in becoming a part?

AirDailyX will be donating. Let's all help Robin take his vision to the next level! Thanks to ADX reader John Pierce for the tipoff! For more information about Godzone in general and various products, visit the source link below. I have included the campaign on the Daily News sidebar so this does not get lost and we can continue to follow progress. 

Update: Almost 50% Through!