FS:EE Is Back Online. So How Does It Work With v4?


Here are the bullet points to consider:

  • It is an early version and advanced protections are not yet available.
  • Because of changes to Prepar3D v4 configuration files, it is possible that some addons will corrupt them during installation. Please report them on the forum to help us identify extent of the problem.
  • Last, but certainly not least: please do make a regular backup of your PC. Forcing old software onto Prepar3D v4 comes with an elevated risk of data corruption, which can be effortlessly mitigated with backups. There are a lot of tools for easy backup and recovery. For example, those who have Western Digital hard drives can use the excellent Acronis True Image for free.

Now there is no doubt the Flightsim Estonia Migration shares quite a bit of responsibility for P3D's success over the years in getting most of users addons to unofficially yet successfully work in past variations of P3D. But how this pertains to v4 seems to be something the team is working on. I'd be cautious this time around and keep an eye on the FS:EE forum as they move forward. Thanks to Ross G for the tipoff!