DreamFlight Quito: Seriously Top Notch!

FSX/P3D. Just 2 more working days till vacation! I know I've missed a lot of news the last couple weeks and I am not on par with my usual frequency but everything is getting back on track especially for FlightSimCon 2017! One piece of news I kept forgetting to post is this lovely shot of Quito! This was sent over as a full res image to accompany the version on Facebook. From the details above, you can truly see just how amazing dare I say FlightBeamie the quality is here which when it comes to sceneries south of the US/Mexican boarder, (with the exceptation of a handful of sceneries, scenery quality typically deteriorates the further south you go. But DreamFlight is changing all that with the release of Liberia and upcoming Quito. Say it ain't good! I dare you!