Yes LevelD Is Alive. Yes, They're Developing The 757!

FSX/P3D. It's 8AM and Flight1's Steve Halpern comes running over to me and says: "D'Andre, i'm about to put the LevelD 757 on display and I want you to have the exclusive so hurry." But what I heard was "LevelD 767" and my thoughts were yeah I know about the latest updates. But due to my haste to stay on schedule, I could not run over to the Flight1 booth. It wasn't till later that Jerome and Amos told me it was indeed the 757 did I freak and wet my pants. The 757 is my favorite narrow body aircraft and one of my top 3 all time favorite airplanes so without a doubt hearing LevelD was at the helm and still alive, was an absolute treat! I will have some exclusive video coming up but just dropping the note in case you missed the news!