SimTweaks Reintroduces PTA For P3Dv4!

P3D. We all know how amazing PTA Tweak Assistance is and P3D is just not the same without it. In fact, I would even say not having PTA is a deal breaker just like FSUIPC. The developer announced he would not be moving forward with PTA some time back and my understanding from quite a few readers is YouTube legend Matt Davies is the one responsible for getting the project back off the ground and in payware form. I still cant believe it was ever free to begin with. If you are flying P3Dv4 and you don't have PTA, you really need thin in your life and I personally highly recommend it. This version comes with even more features. I can't see the price as it appears you need to sign up first which is something I personally cant understand but if you purchased it already, drop a line and I will display the price here. 

Price is £14.99 / $20.06 as reported by readers.