Orbx Releases Meigs/Innsbruck For AeroFlyFS2 DLC!

AFS. I know that I haven't spent any time in FSW or XP11 yet and I still need a 1TB SSD before I reinstall P3Dv4. That said, one platform I really love is AeroflyFS2. I know it's mainly judged among this community by what it cant do. That said, when you see what it can do it's easy to be impressed in both VR and 4K both of which are the future of flight simulation. Yes indeed AFS has quite a ways to go before this community starts taking it seriously but it will get there. For now it's a fun fire up and fly platform but over the next year or so I expect it to make some massive strides. Hopefully you saw the Orbx demo at FlightSimCon 2017. It is indeed amazing and look for my interview with Jarrad Marshall coming up soon!