TFDi 717, MSP & MBS: The Perfect Love Affair!

FSX/P3D. We have had 4 major airport releases in the last couple weeks: Aerosoft Trondheim Vaernes, FSDT Charlotte, Turbulent MBS, and Flightbeam MSP. Now all of these airports are tremendous except for the fact that one of them uses Couatl. Now that said, there is a situation here. If you bought FB MSP, you MUST buy TD MBS and if you bought TD MBS, you MUST buy FB MSP. Why? Because these airports pair so perfectly together!! Both are extremely beautiful and are a joy to fly in-between. Last night, I fired up my TFDi Delta 717 and ran a return sortie between these two airports and oh-my-god I was in heaven!!!! You must have these two airports together. You will NOT regret it! Be sure to check out my MBS livestream and stand by for the MSP livestream coming up!