Getting Back To Work!

Hard to believe but I think this is the very first time I have ever taken a vacation even from ADX! That said, y'all went like almost 5 days without news which is the longest time in ADX history since I took the helm. I want to give a huge shout out and big thanks to Amos Geva, Jerome Zimmermann, and Ross Gage for their wonderful efforts in assisting with the site, streams, and moderation. Another shout to the wife who had a terribly delayed flight out of SFO and didn't get into BDL till 7am and was ready to work the camera on Sat morning. Another shout to my boy Nico Lumermann and his very patient wife who was likely amazed to see just how truly passionately nerdy us FS people can be. And thanks to all of you for your patience. I have a lot of work coming up, from news to livestreams to editing & publishing the ADX FSC interviews. So just hang in there a bit. I do see all of your emails and I will get back to all of you. It's time to get back to work!