PILOT'S Boeing B314 Clipper And FS Global Real Weather v2


Stefan Schäfer of PILOT'S is at FlightSimCon showing his new Boeing B314 Clipper development. The aircraft looks magnificent, see screenshots below, and is a co-development with TM Studios, a Spanish developer. The Clipper is currently being built for P3Dv4, with an FSX version to follow. The 3D model is almost complete and is a high-fidelity representation of the real world aircraft. Special effects for the Clipper will be included and these are being added by the well-known developers of FSFX Packages, who have done similar work for some of PMDG's aircraft, the Majestic Q400 and Flysimware's Learjet. Release is slated for Q3 in 2017.

PILOT'S are also working on a completely new version of FS Global Real Weather - FSGRW v2. It may feature radar as well, though Stefan isn't currently able to confirm this. There will be an upgrade path for existing users of FSGRW v1. More details and screenshots to follow in the coming weeks.