Muther Fokker!! Carenado Goes Big!!


FSX/P3D. Every 2 years or so, Carenado pushes for another milestone. From single engine pistons to multi engine piston/turboprops, the last big jump was the leap to light jets. Now Carenado steps up to it's second commercial passenger aircraft after the B1900D. Now I know there are a lot of Carenado haters out there when it comes to systems and flight dynamics and there is no doubt in my mind the Fokker F50 is an aircraft they can potentially nail quite well. But that said, the real questions will be regarding turboprop modelling as we all know FS is limited in this area hence the MJC Q400 being modelled mostly outside the sim. And then there's flight dynamics. If this thing handles like a C172 people will be pissed. We were counting on CoolSky and McPhat do deliver the F50, (those devs are basically done now right?) but they cancelled long ago. You can run searches here on ADX about that project. So now it's in Carenado's hands to deliver. Carenado is dreaming big as they say but it's the reality they deliver that will be the proof in the pudding. Now I don't expect study level, but I hope it will be good! Thanks to Mohammed K. for the tipoff!