Marcel's PC-6: We'll Have To Be Patient...

FSX/P3D. There is no doubt that the PC-6 is one of the most venerable aircraft ever built and among the most sought after aircraft addons in flight simulation. When Marcel Felde teased us with his efforts back in 2014, the masses cheered! After all, Marcel is very good at what he does but his fans also knows very well releases are few and very in-between. In the case of the PC6, it has indeed been a very long wait for those wanting to get their hands on this bird. A short while ago, Marcel gave Aerosoft forum members a bit of insight into what's been going on in his life lately. Here's what he had to say:

"Hello everyone, I want to apologize for the lack of communication here in the forum!

The ‘Porter’ is meanwhile a lengthy proceeding project. I got exhausted and had to intermit the intensive work for a longer period. One of our PC-6 pilots passed away meanwhile. I have known him since my childhood – a great guy and very unique character. He is on many of my research photos and videos, this made the situation not easier.

The last months I used my spare time and energy for working on the project and avoided communication here in the forum. I was afraid that some messages could be discouraging in this situation. The status of the project:

As many parts of the ‘Porter’ are simulated outside of FSX, especially the engine, aircrafts systems and some physical effects too, I am heavily dependent on an interface/sound module. One of two major problems on this module have been solved about one month ago. But in April I had several photographic assignments so there was only very few time left to proceed with the ‘Porter’. In May there is much more time available.

When I reach a more stable status on this project, I will invest more time in the forum again.

Thanks for your patience, Marcel"