Get That CS707 Working In P3D! Here's How:

P3D. The CaptainSim 707 is a terriffic addon but for whatever reason, it's taking the team FOREVER to release the P3D version (assuming they are actually planning to do so) in the mean time, ADX reader Greg (from Chapel Hill) has a tweak fix for us to finally kill that memory leak that brings frames to a halt when installing the addon in P3D. Subject: Captain Sim Boeing 707 now flyable in P3D with one simple config Tweak, FYI

Now note, I have not tried this myself yet. But the fix is very simple. In P3D, go to the CS 707's panel config file and make one simple add: a semicolon;

1. Open the panel.cfg of the 707 in the panel folder
2. Go to [VCockpit10] Section and place a Semicolon ; before gauge nr. 27.

It should then look like this:

;gauge27=Captain_Sim.x707.dns!main, 1,1

I will try the fix myself later today but if you beat me to it, leave a comment for us! And thanks to Greg for this awesome find!