FSUIPC Future In P3Dv4 x64 Looks Bright. FSW? No.

[Utilities] "For some reason, some people were worried that Pete wouldn’t be making FSUIPC for Prepar3D version 4." And the reason for this is very simple. Folks like myself that are a part of the P3Dv4 beta team are very well aware of the conversations that take place behind the curtain among developers and without disclosing anything specific, it was quite clear to all of us that FSUIPC would not likely get the jump to x64 for various reasons. At best to share these notions, I wrote [THIS ARTICLE] which sparked many developers involved to agree. FSUIPC is an absolute necessary component to any sim platform to fully succeed. Now the man himself has NOT confirmed yet if he is committed to developing FSUIPC for x64 bit platforms as is being reported elsewhere. However, Pete has nodded to the notion that he is actively looking into a possible FSUIPC 5 which if comes to fruition, users will need to purchase from scratch which none of us will mind doing:

"The possibility of a 64-bit version, a NEW product which would be called FSUIPC5 and require new registration codes, is being considered, but there will be no decision for some time, and certainly not until after any 64-bit version of P3D is released, if ever. (And probably well after, as it would not be a trivial development). Pete"

Now all that said, Pete's position on Flight Sim World seems quite clear. Due to lack of support from the Dovetail Games team and unwillingness to sell via Steam, a working version of FSUIPC in FSW is highly unlikely. Let's see what the future holds for the many, many, thousands of FS users that depend on FSUIPC. We are rooting for Pete! See the full thread via the source link. Thanks to Miles Harrison &  Racoon for the tipoff!