MilViz Beaver: Watch Live Before Release!

FSX/P3D. The MilViz DHC-2 Beaver will be released tomorrow Friday May 25th @ 2100! But you can watch the aircraft in action live here on ADX Friday @ 0700z. That's only 2 hours from the time this post was written. So if you are hungry for this legendary airplane, join us right here on the Daily News page and at source link takes you to the product page where you can spam the refresh button for release! 

Update: Apologies to everyone who tuned in tonight. And thanks to Colin for coming on.  I looks like my sound card has died which explains the issues in tonight's and yesterday's P3D streams. All streams are  hereby canceled for the time being.  I will purchase a replacement which will have to come after vacation. 

In the mean time, Josh will broadcast the Beaver later today at roughly 1800z! Cheers.