WF ShangHai HongQiao Released!


FSX/P3D. Has anyone figured out what WF stands for yet? WF first appeared on our radar back in December when they released Hangzhou Xiaoshan back in December of last year and not even 6 months later they have announced another Chinese Mega airport. The bad thing about Chinese developers over the years is most of them have disappeared like Dazzle Color Game and SkySoft among a few others. The good thing is, every Chinese project we have ever seen has been of incredible quality from the very first release. So it truly is a blow when they disappear as they tend to do. But let's not forget Bridge Simulations that keeps hitting home runs and there are a few others I am keeping my eye on in the background. In the mean time, ZSSS is just looking stunning! But by all means, see for yourself! If only we could get some more love in Japan... Thanks to Tobias Gövert for the tipoff! 


ADX Update: Released! That was fast!!