AI Ship Traffic Major Update + Lots Of New Ships!

FSX/P3D. Who doesn't just love this amazing freeware package that brings our oceans and waterways to life with very impressive and realistic ships? This version 2 of the package update now contains more than 200 AI ships and traffic routes for the entire globe in addition to Global AI Ship Traffic V1 which you should already have. Cruise ships, ferries, container ships, bulk carriers, fishing boats, destroyers, frigates, aircraft carriers, patrol boats, yachts, oil rigs and much more. Much of which you can land on. The packages also include missions for you to hunt down such as Somali Pirates trying to hijack ships as one example. Can you stop them in time? For all the Easter eggs and missions to hunt down, be sure to read the manuals! 

Combining the two packages will give you a complete coverage of the world with AI Ship traffic and more than 800 ships in total!! Here are the dedicated people that help make this happen: Henrik Nielsen, Jean-Pierre Fillion, Lazarus Starkweather, Cxema, Erwin Welker,Sebastian Viale, Manfred Sielder, Knud Kristoffersen, Bernard Berju83, and Alberto Garcia JAGL04. Go get it now! Thanks to ADX reader Jens Fischer for the tipoff! Great stuff!