JustFlight/I.D.S. TB10/20 Updated To SP4!

FSX/P3D. There is no doubt JustFlight has really been upping the game lately with their internal GA projects. In regards to the TB-10 Tobago & TB-20 Trinidad project development in conjunction with Innovative Development Studios, the addon has just gotten the boost to SP4. Here's what's included in the update! You can grab it via your webshop account. 

  • Oil pressure now drops when prop lever is used (a result of increased demand on oil system)
  • Increased RPM drop when carrying out magneto checks
  • ADF gauge logic fixed
  • 'Refill Menu' option added to menu bar
  • FSUIPC auto-saves trigger panel state save - fixed
  • Option to disable 2D panel selector arrow added to menu bar
  • Improvements to panel state saving
  • Battery voltage low/oil quantity low message will now appear onscreen to warn of potential failures
  • Improvements to engine start logic
  • Improvements to fuel selector logic
  • Battery discharge and oil usage now occur only when engine management is enabled
  • Manual PDF updated to reflect software changes since release